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Be Inspired!

We are deeply inspired by the unwavering courage, exceptional leadership, and personal sacrifices of those who have contributed immensely towards the advancement of civil and human rights. Basic human rights are the foundations of any flourishing society. They ensure the protection and equitable treatment of every individual, regardless of their origins or circumstances, fostering an environment rooted in respect and compassion.

Let us all #beinspired to advocate for those who may yet be deprived of these fundamental rights, as we draw inspiration from those who came before and who dedicated their lives to this essential cause.


Cesar Chavez

Chavez, civil rights activist, led the first successful farm workers union, securing dignity, fair wages, and rights for hundreds of thousands.


Martin Luther King Jr.

King Jr., Baptist minister, civil rights leader, and philosopher, played a pivotal role in the movement until his 1968 assassination.


Eleanor Roosevelt

Roosevelt advocated for expanded roles for women in the workplace, the civil rights of black and Asian Americans, and rights for WWII refugees.


Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi, Indian lawyer and nationalist, used nonviolence to win India's independence from British rule, inspiring global civil rights movements.


Robert F. Kennedy

As U.S. Attorney General, Kennedy advocated for African American voting rights and to end racial segregation until his 1968 assignation.


Susan B. Anthony

Anthony served as a leader in the women's suffrage movement and campaigned for an amendment to that would abolish slavery.


Nelson Mandela

Mandela, anti-apartheid leader in South Africa, was jailed for 27 years and would become the country's first democratically elected president.


Frederick Douglas

Formerly enslaved, Douglass would become an American social reformer, staunch abolitionist, orator, writer, and respected statesman.

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