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Attorney Shield

Watch this video to learn how Attorney Shield works in domestic situations.

When the police are at your doorstep, this can be stressful. With Attorney Shield, you are not alone. We believe all interactions with law enforcement should be lawful, professional, biased toward de-escalation.

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Watch this video to learn how Attorney Shield works for traffic stops.

Traffic stops can be a stressful and scary experience. With the Attorney Shield mobile app, expert legal assistance is only a few taps away. You shouldn't have to worry about what to say or what to do. Our goal is to promote safety, protect your rights, and ensure the best possible outcome in these crucial moments.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Family Plan Enrollment: 1.The primary member's account must be completely enrolled first. This must be completed in the mobile app and includes adding a payment method. The card will not be charged until a service request is made and it goes beyond the initial 30 minutes. 2.After that, the main account holder should visit the Member Web Portal to register family sub-accounts. 3.Go to settings/plan details in the app, then click the link and paste into a browser. OR Open your web browser and go to in using your primary account's email address. Use the one-time-password (OTP) code to log in.5.Once you're logged in, click/tap the "Plan Detail" section in the left navigation pane.6.Here, you'll find information on your plan and open spaces to fill in the names and email addresses for each family sub-account.7.After entering the details, make sure to tap/click “Save”.8.Once saved, each family sub-account will receive an email invite letting them know their account is ready for setup.9.If for any reason a member sub-account owner does not receive the invite, simply download the mobile app and enter the associated sub-account email address to begin the enrollment process.

At Attorney Shield, there are no specific requirements dictating that sub-accounts under the FreedomFAMILY Parent Account must reside in the same household or be biologically related. We believe in the sentiment that "family is who you choose."
It's important to note that the Parent Account is responsible for the billing of all services utilized by every associated account under the plan. This inclusive approach allows flexibility in choosing who is included in your Attorney Shield family plan without restrictive household or familial conditions

Attorney Shield's commitment is to connect our members with an attorney within thirty (30) seconds after requesting service. Once you are aware that you are being approached, stopped, and/or detained by law enforcement; use the app to request legal support as soon as it is safe to do so.

[excerpt from Privacy Policy] Release of Privileged Information - Privileged information can only be released in the following circumstances:
1.With the written request of the Member [Primary Member for FreedomFAMILY plans].
2.With the written request of your legal representative accompanied by a signed written release or power of attorney.
3.By verified court subpoena or signed order by a judge.

Having an attorney present when questioned by the police is the best means for protecting your rights, receiving expert legal advice, avoiding inadvertent or pressured admission of guilt, and protecting against lawful or unconstitutional treatment.

YES! We’ve partnered with a national law firm who will staff legal support attorneys 24/7/365.

Absolutely! Attorney Shield is dedicated to providing Spanish language options within the app from the moment of launch. We understand the importance of catering to Spanish-speaking users, and therefore, Spanish language settings will be integrated into the app right from the start.

We anticipate legal staffing support for Puerto Rico by the late summer of 2024. Please stay tuned on our website for more updates.

Interactions initiated by law enforcement can be intimidating and anxiety-inducing for the public, as they are often unexpected and put individuals in a disadvantaged position. Research has shown that the public faces a higher likelihood of being detained for an extended period of time, arrested, subjected to excessive or deadly force, and having their constitutional rights violated in situations where the interaction was not recorded on video.

To address these concerns, Attorney Shield combines recorded video, along with the presence of a licensed attorney. This can greatly improve law enforcement's adherence to professional standards and improve interactions with the public. By providing a clear record of interactions and the presence of legal support, we believe that law enforcement will be better equipped to act with professionalism and respect for individuals' rights.

The 5th Amendment guarantees you the right to remain silent and to be free from coercive tactics intended to force admission of guilt. It's not uncommon for drivers to admit to minor traffic violations or mistakes during a traffic stop. It's also not uncommon for those with contraband to admit to having it in hopes of "getting off easy", but it rarely works this way. Any attorney will always advise you to remain silent. The job of law enforcement is to investigate and ask questions. Even if you don't think you've done anything wrong, the more you talk the more likely you are to say something incriminating.

The 6th Amendment guarantees you the right to consult with legal counsel when being questioned by police, even if you are not yet being detained or arrested. However, there may be some situations where the police may delay your access to an attorney, such as in cases of emergency or where public safety is at risk. If you find yourself in this situation, you also have the right to remain silent and not answer any questions.

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