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Protecting Your Rights & Promoting Safety

Why Attorney Shield Matters.


Attorney Shield

Improving interactions between the police and the public.

Attorney Shield Inc.

7901 4th Street North, Suite 14480
Saint Petersburg, FL, United States, Florida


America must demand better of our law agencies. Police conduct must be constitutionally lawful and professional. We deserve to feel safe in the presence of the police and free from intimidation.

Attorney Shield is a powerful tool to help reduce your chances of experiencing negative outcomes when engaged by law enforcement.

Be proactive! Join Attorney Shield, then download and install the app on your iOS or Android smart phone.

Attorney Shield Team

David C. Walton

CEO & Co-founder

Andy Chance

President & Co-founder

Pennie Merie

Vice President of Operations & Product

Christy Chance

Member Services & Support

Paul Innocent

Solution Architect & R&D

Claire Finney

Marketing & Social Media

Sydney Walton

Business Development

Jett Wolter

Revenue Operations Support

Attorney Shield Partners & Advisors

David Bigney

Legal Operations Partner (The Bigney Law Firm)

Jason Harrington

Investor & Advisory Board Member

Sean-Paul Reyes

Media Promotion Partner (Long Island Audit)

Dale Hiller

Media Promotion Partner (Lackluster Media)

Frank Nitty

Culture & Urban Development Partner (Web3Gang)

Jamal Rashid (Mally Mall)

Music/Entertainment Partner

Paul Frase

Partner & Advisor (Former NFL Athlete)
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