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Say No When Asked to Blow: The Fallibility of Breathalyzer Test

What if Google Maps directed users to the wrong destination 4 out of every 10 times? People simply wouldn't rely on it. Fortunately, Google Maps is highly accurate. However, the same cannot be said for breathalyzer tests, which are estimated...

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Bias in Blue: How Law Enforcement's View on Gun Owners Can End in Disaster

The tragic shooting of Senior Airman Roger Fortson by an Okaloosa County sheriff's deputy highlights a critical and often overlooked tension between the exercise of Second Amendment rights and the perceived threat of gun ownership by law enforcement. This incident...

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Professional Courtesy - A Two-tiered System of Justice

In a recent incident involving Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley, the clash between public trust and professional courtesy within the criminal justice system was starkly highlighted. Bodycam footage revealed an unsettling exchange with a police officer following a traffic...

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Understanding The Second Amendment; Federal vs. States

As a gun owner, it's vital to grasp the legal landscape surrounding firearms. However, it's important to note that this article serves as informative, not legal counsel. For precise guidance, consulting a licensed attorney is essential to ensure compliance with...

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Legal Tech and AI: When Courts Sanction Access to Justice

Consumer-facing legal technologies are designed as cost-effective alternatives, providing a lifeline to those in need. Courts should promote and provide guidance on how these tools can be integrated into the judicial process rather than scoffing at and hindering such options. Read More

Protecting Your Rights in 2024: Navigating Law Enforcement Trends

As we step into the year 2024, the landscape of law enforcement continues to evolve rapidly. New technologies and policies are reshaping the way policing is conducted, and while many of these changes aim to enhance public safety, they also...

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Eroding Trust: When Police Terrorize and Frame Innocent People

In recent news, Micah Washington, a 24-year-old man from Alabama, found himself in a harrowing and traumatizing situation that reveals the two stark realities of policing in America. His story sheds light on how police can terrorize and violate individual...

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The Situational Context of Police Sexual Violence: Understanding the Impact

In 2015, JeAnna Anderson was pulled over for a registration issue when she was sexually assaulted by a police officer. The officer, Anthony Armour, had pulled Anderson into a dark parking lot with no other witnesses around, where she immediately...

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A Case for Attorney Shield: Innovation and Scale

In today's world, where law enforcement interactions can often feel fraught with uncertainty, fear, and potential danger, the need for reliable legal support has never been more pressing. This is because for decades everyone sees and perhaps has personally experienced...

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Empowering Students: A Case for Attorney Shield Support on School Campuses

In today's world, school campuses can be a place of great learning and growth, but they can also be rife uncomfortable and humiliating situations involving student searches of person and mobile device, or misunderstandings and confrontations with school resource officers...

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The Blue Wall of Silence: An Unspoken Code of Loyalty and Controversy

The “Blue Wall of Silence” is commonly used to describe an informal code of ethics within law enforcement that emphasizes silence and solidarity among police officers and personnel. This code of conduct involves officers refraining from reporting, intervening, or testifying...

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Justice and Accountability: Tyre Nichols' Tragic Truth

Imagine for a Moment That you have just finished an 8-hour shift at work; you are a red-light and a right-hand turn away from home, when you are stopped by the police. Immediately, the situation heightened in a frightening and...

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Engaging Police When a Firearm Is Present: Your Rights and Best Practices

When a traffic stop involves a legally owned firearm, it's essential to be well-prepared to protect your rights and ensure the safety of everyone involved. In this quick guide, we explore the complexities surrounding the presence of a firearm when...

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Policing Disparities: Challenges Faced by Young Black & Hispanic Individuals

In today's world, conversations about policing and its impact are more crucial than ever. We're shedding light on a pressing issue: the unequal experiences young Black and Hispanic individuals often face during traffic stops. Let's delve into the data and...

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Integrity in Law Enforcement: The Duty to Report Misconduct

Law enforcement officers bear a profound responsibility: to protect and serve their communities while upholding the law. Alongside this responsibility comes an unwavering duty to maintain the highest ethical standards. One crucial aspect of this duty is the obligation to...

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