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Eroding Trust: When Police Terrorize and Frame Innocent People

In recent news, Micah Washington, a 24-year-old man from Alabama, found himself in a harrowing and traumatizing situation that reveals the two stark realities of policing in America. His story sheds light on how police can terrorize and violate individual...

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A Case for Attorney Shield: Innovation and Scale

In today's world, where law enforcement interactions can often feel fraught with uncertainty, fear, and potential danger, the need for reliable legal support has never been more pressing. This is because for decades everyone sees and perhaps has personally experienced...

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The Blue Wall of Silence: An Unspoken Code of Loyalty and Controversy

The “Blue Wall of Silence” is commonly used to describe an informal code of ethics within law enforcement that emphasizes silence and solidarity among police officers and personnel. This code of conduct involves officers refraining from reporting, intervening, or testifying...

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Integrity in Law Enforcement: The Duty to Report Misconduct

Law enforcement officers bear a profound responsibility: to protect and serve their communities while upholding the law. Alongside this responsibility comes an unwavering duty to maintain the highest ethical standards. One crucial aspect of this duty is the obligation to...

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