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Justice and Accountability: Tyre Nichols' Tragic Truth

Imagine for a Moment

That you have just finished an 8-hour shift at work; you are a red-light and a right-hand turn away from home, when you are stopped by the police.

Immediately, the situation heightened in a frightening and confusing way–you do not know what you have done wrong. Law enforcement is, all at once, aggressively on the offense. Law enforcement has their weapons out as they pull you from your vehicle, and while you are on the ground, they surround you even when you have displayed no resistance. Law enforcement then pins you down, pepper sprays you in the face, and throughout this struggle–this conflict–you remain terrified–again, you do not know what you have done wrong.

Fight or flight is now beginning to kick in; your heart rate and blood pressure is increasing, your senses are amplified, keenly aware and hyper-sensitive of what is going on around you. Your first instinct is to get away–to get to safety, protection, and reassurance–to get home.

A taser is fired as you attempt to get up and instinctively run away from this assault. You are now just a right-hand turn away from home, where you are severely beaten by law enforcement; kicked in the head, held up by officers to be hit with a baton multiple times, and it does not matter if you comply with their orders or not–escalation of force is continuously used even when orders are contradictory, even when you cannot follow them; commands to get on the ground, when you are already there; orders to show your hands, but they are already being held.

With your hands behind your back, law enforcement props you up against a car, where you verbalize shortness of breath after having been severely beaten and pepper sprayed in the face, and aid goes unrendered unfortunately for too long.

The ambulance transports you to the hospital in critical condition, where three days later, you are pronounced dead, and autopsy reports reveal the cause as “blunt force trauma to the head.”

This was Tyre Nichols’ last moments–this “story” is Tyre’s truth.

Tyre was 29 years old. He worked the second-shift at a FedEx facility in Memphis, Tennessee, where for his lunch break every evening at around 7PM, he would return home where he lived with his mother. He enjoyed taking pictures of the sunsets at Shelby Farms, a public park just outside of Memphis. He enjoyed skateboarding, an activity he had been partaking in since he was six years old.

Tyre leaves behind a four-year-old son, and a family that was extremely proud of the man he had become.

There is an open question that has been posed around accountability for law enforcement officials–about citizen advocacy and best practices; the crucial moments where these attributes matter the most, where one decision can result in life or death.

At Attorney Shield, our mission is to enhance safety and foster trust during law enforcement-initiated interactions with the public. Attorney Shield serves as a powerful means for mitigating the risks associated with police stops, detentions, and investigations. Through our work, we strive to ensure the best possible outcomes, so that individuals can safely return home to their families.

We distinguish ourselves from existing online legal service platforms by offering the convenience of 24/7 access to legal support and facilitating instant connections through recorded video on mobile devices. Additionally, our service ensures affordable access to licensed attorneys for everyone through subscription and time-utility-based pricing plans.

Attorney Shield is currently in a limited release status, diligently working to fine-tune every aspect of our app and legal support services. Our goal is clear - to ensure your safety and uphold your rights during any encounter with law enforcement.

We're proud to announce that a nationwide launch and app release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. This isn't just business for us; it's a solemn moral duty and a commitment to public service. We firmly believe that every individual deserves protection, fairness, and justice in their interactions with law enforcement.

Fighting a Worthy Fight

While we may have arrived too late for those like Tyre, our dedication remains to stand with you, ensuring that you protected and empowered. Your safety and your rights are paramount, and with Attorney Shield, we will continue our fight to make policing fair, legal, and safe.

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